Ufford Parish Council

John Clare Nature Recovery Project

The Government and Natural England are bringing together partners, legislation and funding to create the Nature Recovery Network (NRN) as part of the Government’s 25-year Environment Plan. It will embrace biodiversity loss, climate change and well-being. By 2042, through the NRN, the Government will aim to:

  • Restore 75% of protected sites to a favourable condition so nature can thrive
  • Create or restore 500,000 hectares of additional wildlife-rich areas outside of protected sites
  • Recover threatened and iconic animal and plant species by providing more diverse and better connected habitats
  • Support work to increase woodland cover

There will be a national network of NRN’s and Ufford is one of 15 Parish Councils in the north and west of the City Council area that have signed up to the John Clare Countryside Project (JCCP).

John Clare Country – Flyer for Residents

Nature activities for families:

Nature Quiz

Nature Competition

Wildlife Detectives