Ufford Parish Council


Peterborough City Council is Ufford’s local planning authority and all decisions are made there.

Ufford Parish Council is consulted on relevant planning issues and makes comments to the planning department after discussion at a Parish Council Meeting.  Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings to make their views known but only comments submitted direct to Peterborough City Council can be considered in the planning decision.

Individual planning applications

All applications, decisions and amendments can be found on Peterborough City Council’s planning portal.  Add ‘Ufford’ to the search box to find all applications relating to properties in the parish: https://planpa.peterborough.gov.uk/online-applications//

Peterborough Local Plan

In 2016 the City Council is consulting on the way the city will develop towards 2030.  All details, including reports published as a result of the first phase of consultation can be found here https://www.peterborough.gov.uk/council/planning-and-development/planning-policies/new-local-plan/.  Public consultation opens for a 2nd phase in Autumn 2016 and we will publish a link here to the relevant information.