Ufford Parish Council

Southey Wood

Access to the wood from Ufford is either from the car park on Langley Bush Road or by the bridleway leading south off Marholm Road just east of the village. Originally known as Southehawe or south enclosure, is a popular destination for families and dog walkers as there is a hard track as well as waymarked trails through the trees.  Cyclists and horse riders also use the bridleway which is linked to the route through Castor Hanglands to the A47 near Upton.

The wood was once part of the Royal Forest of Rockingham.  Parts are described as “ancient woodland” because the land has never been ploughed, but over the years it has been cleared and re-planted many times. The largest trees are oak, beech and pines.  There is an under storey of hazel, birch, blackthorn, elder, dogwood, wild privet and guelder rose.

The best place to look for wild flowers is on both sides of the hard track, which is dotted with clumps of primroses in spring. Bluebells and wood anemones are most common at the car park end of the wood.

Later in the year there are knapweeds and scabious which attract the butterflies and bumblebees.

All the common birds can be seen there as well as spotted and green woodpeckers, goldcrests, wrens, tawny owls, crossbills and several birds of prey, including red kites.

Southey Wood is the largest wooded area in the parish of Ufford. It is managed by the Forestry Commission as a source of timber.There is a circular walk from Ufford village of 4 miles, in the John Clare Country series.A shorter trail suitable for children called Walks on the Wild Side can be downloaded from the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

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