Ufford Parish Council

Barnack Ward

The parish of Ufford is part of a larger group of parish councils referred to as a ward. The boundaries of the Ward are set by the Boundary Commission, a government office set up to ensure that all voters get roughly the same representation. Our Ward is called the Barnack Ward.

The Barnack ward has a City Councillor allocated to represent the ward to the City Council in Council matters. For Barnack ward our Councillor is David Over. We are one of two single Councillor wards in the Peterborough area. Most wards are significantly larger than Barnack ward and have 2 or 3 Councillors representing their voters.

The ward meets every 2 to 3 months in a closed meeting where matters effecting the ward as a wider entity are discussed. Although ward funding has been significantly cut back in recent years we still believe that there is a commonality between the villages and that there are some things best approached with a common voice.