Ufford Parish Council

The Old Rectory

Picture of the north side of the Old Rectory

The central part of the building was a medieval“hall house”, dating back to the 13th or 14th centuries. There would have been a communal living area, rising to the full height of the roof, heated by an open fire at one end and, on one side, a private chamber and on the other, a pantry or store. The kitchen was probably in a separate building.

The evidence is:

  • the huge,open beams,still visible in the attic,
  • the position of the hall and church, next to each other at the top of the hill
  • differences in interior floor levels.

The cross wings, ceilings and chimneys were added at a later date, perhaps in 1693. The two, tall, mock gothic, unmatched windows were added in the 19th century.

Early documents refer to a building known as Uphall which this may have been; others refer to a “mansion house”. It is certain that some parsons lived in it but others lived elsewhere and made infrequent visits to Ufford. In 1629, for example, Charles Quarles lived there but the rector was Peter Titley. The Quarles family held the advowson (right to appoint clergy) from 1669-1693, when it was bought by St John`s College, Cambridge. The Old Rectory has been privately owned since 1952.