Ufford Parish Council

The Roost, formerly Newport Farm

Photographs of inscription on the barn and view from the road

Newport Farm house and barns occupied an imposing position next to the Old Rectory at the top of Ufford hill. The dates, 1770 on the barn and the inscription TG 1727 on the dovecot to the rear, are significant. The church registers reveal that the farm was in the hands of 3 generations of the Gee family in the 18th century, all called Thomas Gee. The first Thomas and his wife had 12 children between 1695 and 1719 and this may have been one reason for extending the house.

There was an older cottage at the back which had a lower floor level and a stone staircase up a sort of chimney. There were no through rooms from the front to the back.

With the Church, the Old Rectory and Newport Farm standing side by side and opposite a row of cottages and the well, this small square appears to have been the chief village centre from medieval times onwards.